Edmontonians—a quarterly publication targeted at leaders of
commerce and the community—is designed to reflect the unique
personalities who contribute to the economic and social energy of
the Capital Region. Since 1989, Edmontonians continues to serve
the expressed need for a credible medium to report on the activities
that contribute to the economic and social vitality of the community.
Edmontonians’ experienced writers, editors and designers have
captured the fabric of our city with insightful writing and
groundbreaking reporting. Our sophisticated features, narratives,
profiles and columns underscore the attributes that make Greater
Edmonton great.

Edmontonians publishes quarterly and focuses on the positive
developments occurring in the Capital Region. Our unique editorial
approach provides in-
depth coverage of
emerging trends that
deserve a closer
look. In the
newsmagazine you
will find topics
relating to all aspects
of business such as
Business Relations,
Women in Business,
Sizzling Twenty
under 30, Family
Business Reports,
Guides to Charity
Galas, and numerous
columns written by
some of Edmonton’s
most influential